“There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.” - Bertrand Russell

Can anyone attest to this quote, have you ever read a book just to say you've read it? As for myself, I can't say that I have. I read books because they seem like a good read. The only book I can think of wanting to read is Catcher and the Rye, not so much to say that I have read it but to understand when people or TV shows make a reference to it. 



Yesterday afternoon while driving home from Brooklyn, I don't know why but I started thinking about self-doubt. Then scrolling down my instagram feed before bed I come across this picture by my friend Jazmyn:

So I felt it necessary to blog a bit. A lot of times, at least with me, qualified people tend to take themselves out of the running. Say for a promotion, a better job opportunity, a really good school, and even in love thinking that they don't deserve a person. I want to be a doctor, I want to apply to medical school. Yet, at times I doubt my ability to get in, that there are thousands of applicants and I won't make the cut. I believe in God, I pray to Him (could do it more regularly), however there's always a little voice that makes it seem this whole endeavor is impossible.

Self-doubt can very well be driven by fear. Fear of failure or fear of disappointing the parents. Jazmyn's picture quote is right, I do need to trust myself and I do know more than I think. I am capable and it's about time I start acting like it. I am a college graduate (2011!), thank God.

I hope this post helps as that picture helped me. Every now and again we need a boost in confidence. Take hold of your life guys. The road to success is a tough one and once in a while need to take a rest stop and re-energize.

Leave any thoughts or encouraging words below! =)


Get It Right, Get It Tight - Workout Clothes

Hey guys, I know it's been a couple of months although I have been active reading around the blogosphere. Just been having some writer's block.

I know summer is almost over but fitness should be a lifetime and not just to get ready for summer. Admittedly, I've been slacking off since like July. The heat has made me lazy to try and workout but I am trying to get more active again.

So, I just wanted to let you guys know of where you can get workout gear for a bit less than their retail price. Personally, I've been getting a few things from Marshall's. They have good brand names for lower prices. The reason being that they're from previous seasons. However, to me that's not a big deal at all! It's the same quality of clothing yet maybe without this season's hot color or pattern. Stores like Marshall's and TJMaxx are good to check out. You can also check for sales at Macy's, Modell's, Finish Line, etc.


Trip Tip

I came upon this website, travelmath.com, and thought I would share it with all of you. It helps you calculate how much a trip would cost you. This seems like a very handy tool for anyone planning a road trip this summer. Summer is creeping upon us, I can feel the heat and humidity already.

The website also has other things to help you plan a vacation. I plan on staycationing in New York this summer, but this will help on planning day trips to out east or upstate.

Where do you plan on going this summer? Or if you aren't going anywhere what are your summer plans this year?


Summer 2012's Bucket List

As summer is almost upon us I wanted to come up with a few things I'd like to do this summer. I am not going on any type of vacation  or have any major events this year, so these are just some little things to keep summer 2012 entertaining.

That's all that I can come up with right now. Anything I should add?

What are your plans for your summer 2012?


Get it Right, Get it Tight - Getting in Some Exercise

So I've mentioned complained before (here, and here) about not being able to go to the gym and how I long to exercise. My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Paulana of Paulana's Melange, mentioned workouts I could do at home via YouTube. I've known this and have tried, however I never really liked them. I do like watching the workouts, there are many good ones that I'm subscribed to like: ToneItUpcomLean Secrets, and SarahFit TV. But trying to follow along never really worked out well for me. The first YouTube channel, the girls of Tone It Up, have a website and a community that I like going on. I like the workouts they make up, which you can print out or write down and do on your own.

I did find something else that I love doing.


A Few Words

Trayvon Martin had no weapons on his person. At 17 years of age and of a slim stature posed no threat large enough that would require George Zimmerman, 28 years of age, to "defend" himself with the use of a gun.

Trayvon Martin died on the account of looking "suspcious."

The plan and the pattern is here,
Woven from the beginning
Into the warp and woof of America:
Who said those things? Americans!
Who owns those words? America!
Who is America? You, me!
We are America!
To the enemy who would conquer us from without,
We say, NO!
To the enemy who would divide
And conquer us from within,
We say, NO!
To all the enemies of these great words:
We say, NO!
- an excerpt from, Freedom's Plow by Langston Hughes


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit." 
- Aristotle


Click It! Sunflower Seeds


So my first question that I wanted to know the answer to: Is it okay to eat sunflower seed shells?

I had bought a pack of sunflower seeds last week, which I still have that little .59 cent pack contains a lot of seeds. It was fun absorbing the salt, cracking the seed, and eating the kernel. After a while though I kind of got tired of spitting out the shell pieces and wanted to just eat the entire seed. I tried it like twice, still cracked it and tried a piece trying to really chew it. It was a fail. That was taking too long to really disintegrate it enough for for swallowing. It contains sharp pieces.

I finally got around to Google-ing, even though I had already tried it.


Google It!

So thinking of adding a new feature to this blog called, 'Click It!' The title named based on a conversation with my mother. I, having asked my mom some question (I don't remember) and she told me to "click it." I was like, "you mean Google it?" She chuckled and said, "there are other things besides Google."

Lol, to me there really aren't. I prefer Google and especially with Google Chrome (which I also use) it's already built in.

I tend to search random inquiries that my mind seems to thirst the answers for, so these posts will be quite random. They may even answer questions that have come up in your head.

Let me know, do you have a favorite search engine that is not Google? Or even tell me why your favorite is Google, I would like to know. :)


Meatless in December

A Tomato (Basil I think?) veggie soup I had at LIJ caf after volunteering .

So, for the month of December I haven't been eating meat. It wasn't bad. Except early on (Dec. 3rd) I accidentally ate some from the samples in the mall food court (it was a force of habit and I realized on my second piece, felt sort of grossed out after. However, I just picked right back up and restarted so Jan. 4th I can eat meat again to make it one full month today (Jan. 3rd).

Throughout the month I wasn't bothered or tempted to eat meat as it is served throughout my house and there were days when it seemed more special like fried fish one night. Being that it was the holidays I guess my mother went in more, lol. I've decided to just eat meat as I see fit and eliminate red meats from my diet best as I can. I LOVE chicken and never thought I could change my diet to one without it, LOL.
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