so this whole not working out has been blowing mines. I can't go to my university's gym, cuz well I graduated! lol. & i can't get a gym membership cuz well, i have no money! <-- that's blowing mines too lol.

since i got back from my cruise there have been failed attempts to go walking again, but that can't be life anymore. I think ima go walking/running tomorrow even if it's by myself. Depending on other people is one of the main reasons why the previous attempts have failed smh. But i was trying to be safe and go with a buddy. However, I'm considering going at 6am tomorrow just me and my iPod and reestablish a daily devotion & prayer before I go. I do want to get closer to God as well as to pray for my safety.

everyone please pray or send good thoughts my way for safety and encouragement to do these daily morning walks =)


  1. Glad I stumbled onto your blog. Depending on your cable provider (comcast) they have exercise tv where you can work out in your living room or just get one of those $10 dvds walking with leslie sansone. Be encouraged you can do it.

    I'm following :)
    check out my blog..maybe follow back??


  2. Thanks Rose! I guess i'll try it lol it's better than nothing. & i'll deff check your blog.
    thanks for reading =)


Would love to read your thoughts! =)

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