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Hey guys, I know it's been a couple of months although I have been active reading around the blogosphere. Just been having some writer's block.

I know summer is almost over but fitness should be a lifetime and not just to get ready for summer. Admittedly, I've been slacking off since like July. The heat has made me lazy to try and workout but I am trying to get more active again.

So, I just wanted to let you guys know of where you can get workout gear for a bit less than their retail price. Personally, I've been getting a few things from Marshall's. They have good brand names for lower prices. The reason being that they're from previous seasons. However, to me that's not a big deal at all! It's the same quality of clothing yet maybe without this season's hot color or pattern. Stores like Marshall's and TJMaxx are good to check out. You can also check for sales at Macy's, Modell's, Finish Line, etc.

Basic t-shirts and bottoms are fine, however for the ladies I would make sure your sports bra is supportive enough according to the type of workout you do. I prefer t-shirts that wick sweat so that's when I head to Marshall's and they are sold for $10 or even less sometimes. Just make sure you are comfortable in your workout clothes. If they bother you, such as stick to your skin or itch, they can inhibit you from having a successful workout.

I hope this bit of info helps anyone out there. It is not necessary to spend plenty of money on workout clothes, especially if one is just starting to workout. If you like something that is quite expensive set a workout goal and award yourself with it when you've reached it. Remember it is best not to reward oneself with food, but we can talk about that another time. =)

Let me know what your favorite stores or brands are for clothes and what type of workouts you do in the comments below!

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