New Found Happiness

On My Mind:: being single

So, I realized a few days ago, about a few days after it happened, that I am single. The truly not talking to or seeing anyone single. I liked it, I went to sleep with a smile that night.

No offense to anybody, but it felt freeing. It's like I can do anything. I wasn't in a relationship, so I was single but i was talking to someone for some time. I didn't know where it was goin, but he did say once he could see us together.

Anyhoo, I've blogged about it before i believe that even though i may just be talking to somebody I am still single, but I do not believe in multiple boo's or talking to more than one person at a time. That's just not me, I can tell you that much.

So, I'm just goin to focus on me and my senior year! As well as preparing for after i graduate. [atm I really should be studying for my MCAT in three days]. All I know is that I am going to enjoy myself and my friends and trying out new things.


A little something

I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.

- Coco Chanel


Our Nation's Bday

On My Mind:: July 4th

So my 4th was good. I spent most of it at a friend's BBQ. It was my first Jamaican BBQ, and I had a good time. Below are some pics of that day, which will better show my day than me typing about it.

this boy then chased me with his sparkler...#iconfess yes I was afraid-_-

me and my best were then given our own fire crackers to light up lol...we never did
she gave hers to our friend, and her bf stole mine-__-
the BBQ was at the girl on the left's crib

ended the nite with a slice or Red Velvet cake, yum! lol


On My Mind::I've been feeling like blogging, but now that I've gotten time to do it idk where to start.


J'adore Chanel

On My Mind:: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is my favorite fashion house. She is my favorite designer, and Karl Lagerfield does an excellent job as well. I even created a presentation for my speech class in Fall '07. Her designs are so classic. They're beautiful.
Fashion fades, only style remains the same. - Coco Chanel




On My Mind:: MJ

Sorry so late with it been out all day yesterday and feelin bad this morning to being out again tonight. But I wanted to dedicate a post to this talented man.

RIP Michael Jackson♥



On My Mind:: Introducing Lumidee, my camera

So my wonderful godmother/aunt gave me a really cool pro-looking camera last summer. I took a couple pics w/ it here and there but I never got a memory card so it could only hold 16 pics @ a time. But I have been using it a little more lately because I have been bored in my room. [Result of no job/internship yet].

But, I finally bought a 2gb memory card (it was on sale for only $10) just now. I really needed it because tomorrow I am going to see the wonderful miss Alicia Keys!!!! The concert it at 7AM so I am leaving at 6am, a little before. I am going with a couple of my homegirls so I was more encouraged to go.

I can't wait! I will definitely post pics...taken by Lumidee below. Btw, the I call my camera that because I thought it sounded like illuminate [light up] and I like the name, LOL,


Permanent Art - Rihanna♥

On My Mind:: Rihanna's style, specifically her tattoos

I was falling in love with Rihanna's developing style, and then I bought the August 2008 issue of InStyle magazine and she was on the cover. I think that's when I fell even more in love with her sense of style. So I've decided to compile a slide show of all her tattoos.

Here's a list of all her tattoos [I think I got all of them]::



On My Mind:: "they just want relation; they don't want relationship" - Lyfe Jennings

So why is it that most guys do not know what the word "date" is? Like it's not part of their vocabulary. Almost no guys want to take a girl on a date to get to know her, each other. They all seem to just want sex. Or at least sex first then maybe a relationship later.

Not speaking for every girl, but there are still girls out there that want more than just sex. That wants to get to know a guy first and wait. What's so wrong with wanting that?

Most guys hit a girl up once they get the number like, "so when are we chilling?" or "when am I gonna c u?" Implying someone coming over the other's house, (and I hate the whole "Can I get a pic?" Boy I don't even know you, or like why you just saw me; but let me digress). Why can't it be like, "So, when can I take you out?" or something.

It's not like its expensive to date, there are mad cheap/free dates to go on that are very sweet. Like going to the park, beach, pool, or concert (in the season of summer). So guys just try it, you might even enjoy yourselves, lol. =)


On My Mind:: Happy B-lated

So last week was the late Tupac's birthday. So I've decided to dedicate a post to him and that if I EVER get a tattoo I would get "California Love" or "CA Love" b/c of his song [my fave], the fact that I dream of going 2 Cali---it would have multiple meanings b/c tats are forever.


Usher :) (sort of lol)

On My Mind:: Somebody To Love [video]

So I love this video it just looks so cute & fun lol. Don't get me wrong no Bieber Fever over here lol. But I'm not gonna hate on Usher's protoge, he has some catchy songs. Plus two crews from ABDC are in the video. Enjoy!

forgot to post the link for yall...

Alicia Keys

On My Mind:: Her free concert this Friday!

So I want to go it's in the city in Central Park! But there's a slight inconvenience...it's at 7AM! That does not mean waking up at 7am, noo...it means being there at 7am-__-.

I could ask my dad to take me, he's a NYC yellow taxi driver and leaves at ridiculous early hrs. But he would think I'm crazy to do such a thing. Plus who would go with me?

Actually, scratch that I asked the sis. And she said yes lol.
Again, my other friend was already planning to go.

It seems possible now =) Let's jus hope we get a ride there; I dnt mind MTA goin bak.

Sick Day = Boredom

On My Mind:: ....

Disclaimer: this may become a bunch or random thoughts as I will just type whatever comes to mind.

Yea so I'm laid up at home not feeling well. So I'm bored, naturally. And I decided to come back on here, it hasn't been that long since my last post so that's not bad.

Well, summer officially started yesterday, June 21st! The weather was beautiful. Remember how last year it poured all of June into July. For some reason this year it looks like the weathermen want that again cause they keep forecasting thunderstorms! Luckily, they've been wrong for the most part=)
Also, I would definitely blog more if they had an app for it on my iTouch.


A Love Poem

On My Mind:: this love poem

While browsing through Barnes & Noble one day lookin for med school stuff I came upon Nikki Giovanni's little book of love poems. The book is called, Bicycle: Love Poems, and the poem I liked is called, Love and the Meaning of Love. Here it is below:

Love and the Meaning of Love

I wanted to
But you couldn't

I hoped
But you wouldn't

I understood
Why we shouldn't

So you declined
And we didn't

Bit it would
Have been fun

If we would've

-Nikki Giovanni



On My Mind:: Alicia Keys

So gonna try and type this up as fast as i can b/c beauty sleep doesn't work if i don't sleep. But a friend showed a pic on facebook where Alicia Keys was questioned to be pregnant. So like I love Alicia Keys, she is my favorite female artist and a very talented at that. I sort of looked to her you can say because she seemed like a very caring and good person along w/ her talent. She participates in many philanthropic activities and even [helped?] established the Keep A Child Alive charity.

Freshman year in college, I even wrote a tribute speech on her for my Speech class. I love her songs and her skills are simply undeniable. But her recent acts have really confused me. I don't know where I stand. She was dating a married man and now allegedly got engaged to him. The man she is dating, for you guys who do not know, is record producer Swizz Beatz. Who was recently married with children to singer, Mashonda.


The Start to an End...

On My Mind:: Catching up...

Okay, I've been so busy during because of Spring Week and then my 21st birthday the following week and then finals since last week. So you can see it's been a busy last few weeks, which equaled less time to blog.

So here's a quick recap:

Spring Week was nicee. I went to the Cirque de la Mode fashion show at St. John's University. It was hosted by Coco & Breezy. I really enjoyed the show. Fashion Club [& company] did a fantastic job and I was glad to be a part of it. The theme of circus was carried out very well. There was even an acrobatic opening act and light show. You can read more about it by heading to the Fashion Club blog.

P.S. I made/edited the program for the show! =) lol

The after the fashion was the Back to Basics Concert featuring Ryan Leslie and J. Cole. Ryan Leslie was a GREAT performer!!! I always like the music he came out with on the radio but I became more of a fan after that concert. At times he reminded me a bit of Usher in the way he sounded. And guess what? lol. He sang a little Usher , a few lines from "U Remind Me"! =)....Next year I would SJU times a thousand if they would bring in Usher.
*Sigh* A girl can always dream...


Spring Week (2010)

On My Mind:: The coming week...

It's Spring Week!!! That means SJU's Fashion Show --Cirque De La Mode is on Thursday, April 22 and then Friday the Spring Carnival followed by the Spring Concert featuring Ryan Leslie and J. Cole. Oh, can't forget The Big EZ BBQ on Wednesday by Step Ya Game Up.

So that means that little 2 hr nap that i took when i got home doesn't mean anything seeing as I'm still up and there's this busy week before me.

So, in order for me not to feel guilty about "wasting time" at the aforementioned events, I am going to sleep so i can be as rested as i can to study Monday and Tuesday and then during all my free times Weds thru Fri. Already Saturday and Sunday I'm staying in.

I will try to blog about these upcoming events. As for now, later<3

Oh, and as for the fashion show you can stay updated by visiting SJU's Fashion Club's Blog.


Home Sweet Library

On My Mind:: the quest to bring up my grades

So I've been trying to really bring up my grades this year and last semester was my highest semester GPA since I've been at St. John's. Now I've been trying to at least maintain this momentum but it's getting harder and harder this semester. I'm taking a 5-credit Organic Chemistry course!! So you can see how much weight this class holds on my GPA. =\

So, I'm bout to hit the books again because after the 1st test I've been slacking and the 2nd test is proof of that.

So, on that note, later<3


Relay For Life (2010)

On My Mind:: Help me fight in the fight against cancer!

Please help by donating. You can visit the site to donate by clicking the following link::

Thanks in advance!!


Don't Call it a Comeback!

On my mind:: catching up...

"It's been a while...I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting" (Break The Ice - Britney Spears)

Well at the end of the summer i got a Twitter! (@smileyy_facee). I tried it out b/c of friend even though i thought it was really dumb....well its so fun and reckless. (Facebook?! wuts that?) Lol, i still have Facebook though. Its good to keep in contact and keep track of school events amongst other things.

Also, at the end of the summer, I got in a "fight" w/ my so-called [now ex-] "bestie." By the end of the summer she was simply a friend, b/c ever since i got my car she pretty much used me for rides [i was not blind i knew this] {me being nice and can hardly say no to ppl =\ jus went along, for the most part} (i hate when ppl misuse my niceness to make it my weakness!)
Anyway...what had happened was [lol] she wanted to come to my house to give her a ride to her house. Me, i had jus got home from work and it was raining. I was tired and not in the mood to go out in the rain again -__-. So she decided to jus stop talking to me bt decided to talk shyt about me. There was even a point where she even wanted to fight me. Okay, i never fought anyone before its really not my style. However, i strongly believe i could've handled her eff her size.
So, long story short she stopped talking to me for like 1 & 1/2 mths. Bt then she stopped talking to my [later hers too, so-called] bestie. So this goes back and forth to now, where our other bestie is now involved. So its our 2 besties, me, and her. And its us three against her. So this whole thing is hilarious too me how its escalated cuz this girl needs to change her attitude. B/c for a fact its not us. At a point when she wasnt talking to either of us she started talking more than before to too other girls. And then when we all started talking to her again apparently she had stopped talking to those other 2 girls. Yet, now they talk. So she goes bak and forth like this to everybody SMH.
Is that healthy? Me and my other friends don't go through anything like that.

So, to end this off on a better note last semester my grades went up nicely! I got more involved last semester at skool as well. I actually went to Haitian Society meetings {i always signed up since freshman yr '07--gotta tell ya the 1st meeting was overwhelming all those Haitians in one room && all the Creole being spoken at my skool}.
Also, i have been more involved in Fashion Club {its fun i love it---** Fashion Show '10 is on April 22**}.
Over the winter, i got an internship at this hospital in the Bronx [i really need to finish up the required hrs i have left smh], and i am currently prepping for the MCAT w/ Kaplan.

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