J'adore Chanel

On My Mind:: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is my favorite fashion house. She is my favorite designer, and Karl Lagerfield does an excellent job as well. I even created a presentation for my speech class in Fall '07. Her designs are so classic. They're beautiful.
Fashion fades, only style remains the same. - Coco Chanel




On My Mind:: MJ

Sorry so late with it been out all day yesterday and feelin bad this morning to being out again tonight. But I wanted to dedicate a post to this talented man.

RIP Michael Jackson♥



On My Mind:: Introducing Lumidee, my camera

So my wonderful godmother/aunt gave me a really cool pro-looking camera last summer. I took a couple pics w/ it here and there but I never got a memory card so it could only hold 16 pics @ a time. But I have been using it a little more lately because I have been bored in my room. [Result of no job/internship yet].

But, I finally bought a 2gb memory card (it was on sale for only $10) just now. I really needed it because tomorrow I am going to see the wonderful miss Alicia Keys!!!! The concert it at 7AM so I am leaving at 6am, a little before. I am going with a couple of my homegirls so I was more encouraged to go.

I can't wait! I will definitely post pics...taken by Lumidee below. Btw, the I call my camera that because I thought it sounded like illuminate [light up] and I like the name, LOL,


Permanent Art - Rihanna♥

On My Mind:: Rihanna's style, specifically her tattoos

I was falling in love with Rihanna's developing style, and then I bought the August 2008 issue of InStyle magazine and she was on the cover. I think that's when I fell even more in love with her sense of style. So I've decided to compile a slide show of all her tattoos.

Here's a list of all her tattoos [I think I got all of them]::



On My Mind:: "they just want relation; they don't want relationship" - Lyfe Jennings

So why is it that most guys do not know what the word "date" is? Like it's not part of their vocabulary. Almost no guys want to take a girl on a date to get to know her, each other. They all seem to just want sex. Or at least sex first then maybe a relationship later.

Not speaking for every girl, but there are still girls out there that want more than just sex. That wants to get to know a guy first and wait. What's so wrong with wanting that?

Most guys hit a girl up once they get the number like, "so when are we chilling?" or "when am I gonna c u?" Implying someone coming over the other's house, (and I hate the whole "Can I get a pic?" Boy I don't even know you, or like why you just saw me; but let me digress). Why can't it be like, "So, when can I take you out?" or something.

It's not like its expensive to date, there are mad cheap/free dates to go on that are very sweet. Like going to the park, beach, pool, or concert (in the season of summer). So guys just try it, you might even enjoy yourselves, lol. =)


On My Mind:: Happy B-lated

So last week was the late Tupac's birthday. So I've decided to dedicate a post to him and that if I EVER get a tattoo I would get "California Love" or "CA Love" b/c of his song [my fave], the fact that I dream of going 2 Cali---it would have multiple meanings b/c tats are forever.


Usher :) (sort of lol)

On My Mind:: Somebody To Love [video]

So I love this video it just looks so cute & fun lol. Don't get me wrong no Bieber Fever over here lol. But I'm not gonna hate on Usher's protoge, he has some catchy songs. Plus two crews from ABDC are in the video. Enjoy!

forgot to post the link for yall...

Alicia Keys

On My Mind:: Her free concert this Friday!

So I want to go it's in the city in Central Park! But there's a slight inconvenience...it's at 7AM! That does not mean waking up at 7am, noo...it means being there at 7am-__-.

I could ask my dad to take me, he's a NYC yellow taxi driver and leaves at ridiculous early hrs. But he would think I'm crazy to do such a thing. Plus who would go with me?

Actually, scratch that I asked the sis. And she said yes lol.
Again, my other friend was already planning to go.

It seems possible now =) Let's jus hope we get a ride there; I dnt mind MTA goin bak.

Sick Day = Boredom

On My Mind:: ....

Disclaimer: this may become a bunch or random thoughts as I will just type whatever comes to mind.

Yea so I'm laid up at home not feeling well. So I'm bored, naturally. And I decided to come back on here, it hasn't been that long since my last post so that's not bad.

Well, summer officially started yesterday, June 21st! The weather was beautiful. Remember how last year it poured all of June into July. For some reason this year it looks like the weathermen want that again cause they keep forecasting thunderstorms! Luckily, they've been wrong for the most part=)
Also, I would definitely blog more if they had an app for it on my iTouch.

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