Meatless in December

A Tomato (Basil I think?) veggie soup I had at LIJ caf after volunteering .

So, for the month of December I haven't been eating meat. It wasn't bad. Except early on (Dec. 3rd) I accidentally ate some from the samples in the mall food court (it was a force of habit and I realized on my second piece, felt sort of grossed out after. However, I just picked right back up and restarted so Jan. 4th I can eat meat again to make it one full month today (Jan. 3rd).

Throughout the month I wasn't bothered or tempted to eat meat as it is served throughout my house and there were days when it seemed more special like fried fish one night. Being that it was the holidays I guess my mother went in more, lol. I've decided to just eat meat as I see fit and eliminate red meats from my diet best as I can. I LOVE chicken and never thought I could change my diet to one without it, LOL.

My mom usually (if the pots are cleaned lol) leaves lunch for me and my brothers throughout most the week, which she usually makes before she goes to work in the morning (can you say Supermom). I've noticed, that she usually makes rice (mostly) or spaghetti (once in a while) and a meat dish. I've noticed this before but I really took note this month. This way of eating 5 days out of the week doesn't provide certain nutrients that the body needs and obtains from vegetables. However, she does put spinach or carrots or peas in the meat dish maybe 2-3x out of the 5.

Anyhoo, I've always liked vegetables growing up (weird? lol idk)and will be taking a more proactive approach to eating healthier. I will try my best to make sure I include at least a fruit or vegetable at every meal.

I also recommend to anyone interested out there to check out the documentary called Forks Over Knives (it's on Netflix). I watched it like back in August and it shouldn't be too 'sciency' for anyone to understand. But it was about how people's health got a whole lot better after going on a plant based diet as well as a study on casein a protein found in animals and its effects on humans.

Let me know what your thoughts on health, nutrition, food, or diets are? I would love to know!

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