About Abby =)

My name is Abigail, I go by several nicknames but mostly Abby. I am 22 & a St. John's University alum (class of 2011!). I want to be a doctor, more specifically a pediatrician. I love biology but have many other interests. I am very interested in fashion, especially design. I've been told I notice things, which is good for a scientist or designer, however I can overlook the most obvious lol. I started this blog to basically write out my thoughts (journals never worked out for me - to paranoid about someone reading them - quite the irony now i know lol). 

I love learning new and different things and this blog will show it throughout time. I've grown and learned about myself since starting this blog in 2009, I believe around this time April/May. I hope to continue to grow and be the best person that I may be.
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