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Okay, I've been so busy during because of Spring Week and then my 21st birthday the following week and then finals since last week. So you can see it's been a busy last few weeks, which equaled less time to blog.

So here's a quick recap:

Spring Week was nicee. I went to the Cirque de la Mode fashion show at St. John's University. It was hosted by Coco & Breezy. I really enjoyed the show. Fashion Club [& company] did a fantastic job and I was glad to be a part of it. The theme of circus was carried out very well. There was even an acrobatic opening act and light show. You can read more about it by heading to the Fashion Club blog.

P.S. I made/edited the program for the show! =) lol

The after the fashion was the Back to Basics Concert featuring Ryan Leslie and J. Cole. Ryan Leslie was a GREAT performer!!! I always like the music he came out with on the radio but I became more of a fan after that concert. At times he reminded me a bit of Usher in the way he sounded. And guess what? lol. He sang a little Usher , a few lines from "U Remind Me"! =)....Next year I would SJU times a thousand if they would bring in Usher.
*Sigh* A girl can always dream...

Back to reality. As I was saying, there was a little intermission per say between the artists with a dance performance by the CSA [Caribbean Students Assoc.] from St. John's. They did really good. I am not a trained dancer but I love dancing and doing little performances as such. After them J. Cole came on. He was good I really liked him and this was the first time really hearing him. I had to Google him when I heard he was coming for our concert b/c everyone I asked didn't know who he was either.
I left that concert becoming more of a fan of Ryan Leslie and one of J. Cole. I will proceed to download some of their music.

The next week was my 21st!! Which I turned on May 3<3 drink=")....they" tho="\" lunch=")">

Last on the recap is finals week. I just had my last final today!!! Summer 2010 is in effect! Really tryna make that move to Summer Jam like cuz Usher!!! Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, & Fabolous among others are gonna be there, so like it's necessary I be there too. I plan to enjoy my summer greatly and start off senior year ['11!] just as great. I even was able to schedule my 1st day off ever out of my three years @ SJU.

So as today marks the end of junior year, it is just the start of the end of my college career to come.

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