& the countdown begins...

So, I'm goin on a Caribbean cruise on June 30th =) Yea, I'm excited, never have i ever been on a cruise on before. So as preparation my friend and I are going walking & building up to running on the track at the high school by my house in the mornings. Today was our first day, it was rather nice. We walked 7 laps for 31 mins. We also walked there and back. My friend walked a little bit longer because she lives about 3 blocks farther from me.

Trying to get rid of some stomach fat xp before the cruise, so we're also watching what we eat. Like for example after the walk and a shower i had a slice of whole wheat bread with some natural peanut butter for some protein and a little strawberry spread. Also, got some Light & Fit yogurt that i'm eating at the moment, lol. It's peach, tastes so good. Yesterday, I got some healthy snacks at the supermarket with my mother like the yogurt, along w/ green grapes, and granola bars.

I was thinking of not drinking (I don't drink like that anyway, kinda rarely), however there are events like every weekend this month. This Saturday is my lil bro's (neighbor) graduation from highschool BBQ across the street, then the 18th is a friend's 21st bday BBQ, then the 25th is a wedding renewal/babyshower (I haven't picked which one i want to go to yet lol). But you see what I mean. As long as I'm good the other days of the week, everything should be fine.

I usually lose some weight during the summer because i don't eat as much as during the school year, but that's just bad eating habits like sleeping in late and eating my first meal in the afternoon. Anywhoo, I hope to see results by the cruise and to stay on track.

Hope you guys have a healthy summer =)

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