so the whole walking workout has been an epic fail since Monday. it's either been raining or rainy!!

Dear Future Job,

Come quick, I need a gym membership!

Wasting Away


  1. OMG i say that all the time lol. as SOON as i get a job thats the first thing that i will do.

    **ps I gave you a blog award =] check it out.

    <3 jaz

  2. Yes, I saw!!! so sweet thanks♥♥♥ I finally got time to get on my laptop.

    & yes, i feel like a slob smh lol

  3. Girl, u need to learn how to improvise and use what u got. Go to the park, or you can take belly dancing classes via youtube. You dont necessarily need a gym.

  4. lol ..i would go to the park if my bike wasn't stolen last month smh...and plus i don't like doing outdoor activities (like park, track) on my own idk why - well kind of for a safety issue...& Abe is a bum cuz he never wants to plus he works out by shooting hoops in our driveway

    well, my dad is home today maybe i can convince him to go to the track w/me =)

    oh, & i'll try youtube..maybe lol i'll feel silly lol


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