What I'm Doing So Far...

as reaching my dream goes: I started another Kaplan class to take my second MCAT.
Last time I made sure that I did all of the required work (plus more) so that I could use the Higher Score guarantee if needed. As you can see it was.

I'm trying to be as focused as I can with this course. In fact once I'm done with one more post I'm going to read for my class tomorrow night. It has been snowy/rainy weather today and I haven't been out at all. Sorry for those who had to. But, I hope that it'll be nice and clear when I leave to go to class tomorrow evening.

Also, classes are starting on Thursday. I'm taking only four classes, which consist of 3rd level classes in theology and philosophy (metaphysics), a Spanish elective I forgot which one, and developmental biology for my last biology elective.

I'm always excited about seeing what my classes are going to be about during the first week of school. I know nerd status, lol.

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