Get it Right, Get it Tight - Getting in Some Exercise

So I've mentioned complained before (here, and here) about not being able to go to the gym and how I long to exercise. My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Paulana of Paulana's Melange, mentioned workouts I could do at home via YouTube. I've known this and have tried, however I never really liked them. I do like watching the workouts, there are many good ones that I'm subscribed to like: ToneItUpcomLean Secrets, and SarahFit TV. But trying to follow along never really worked out well for me. The first YouTube channel, the girls of Tone It Up, have a website and a community that I like going on. I like the workouts they make up, which you can print out or write down and do on your own.

I did find something else that I love doing.
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