A Love Poem

On My Mind:: this love poem

While browsing through Barnes & Noble one day lookin for med school stuff I came upon Nikki Giovanni's little book of love poems. The book is called, Bicycle: Love Poems, and the poem I liked is called, Love and the Meaning of Love. Here it is below:

Love and the Meaning of Love

I wanted to
But you couldn't

I hoped
But you wouldn't

I understood
Why we shouldn't

So you declined
And we didn't

Bit it would
Have been fun

If we would've

-Nikki Giovanni



On My Mind:: Alicia Keys

So gonna try and type this up as fast as i can b/c beauty sleep doesn't work if i don't sleep. But a friend showed a pic on facebook where Alicia Keys was questioned to be pregnant. So like I love Alicia Keys, she is my favorite female artist and a very talented at that. I sort of looked to her you can say because she seemed like a very caring and good person along w/ her talent. She participates in many philanthropic activities and even [helped?] established the Keep A Child Alive charity.

Freshman year in college, I even wrote a tribute speech on her for my Speech class. I love her songs and her skills are simply undeniable. But her recent acts have really confused me. I don't know where I stand. She was dating a married man and now allegedly got engaged to him. The man she is dating, for you guys who do not know, is record producer Swizz Beatz. Who was recently married with children to singer, Mashonda.


The Start to an End...

On My Mind:: Catching up...

Okay, I've been so busy during because of Spring Week and then my 21st birthday the following week and then finals since last week. So you can see it's been a busy last few weeks, which equaled less time to blog.

So here's a quick recap:

Spring Week was nicee. I went to the Cirque de la Mode fashion show at St. John's University. It was hosted by Coco & Breezy. I really enjoyed the show. Fashion Club [& company] did a fantastic job and I was glad to be a part of it. The theme of circus was carried out very well. There was even an acrobatic opening act and light show. You can read more about it by heading to the Fashion Club blog.

P.S. I made/edited the program for the show! =) lol

The after the fashion was the Back to Basics Concert featuring Ryan Leslie and J. Cole. Ryan Leslie was a GREAT performer!!! I always like the music he came out with on the radio but I became more of a fan after that concert. At times he reminded me a bit of Usher in the way he sounded. And guess what? lol. He sang a little Usher , a few lines from "U Remind Me"! =)....Next year I would SJU times a thousand if they would bring in Usher.
*Sigh* A girl can always dream...
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