Get it Right, Get it Tight - Getting in Some Exercise

So I've mentioned complained before (here, and here) about not being able to go to the gym and how I long to exercise. My lovely friend and fellow blogger, Paulana of Paulana's Melange, mentioned workouts I could do at home via YouTube. I've known this and have tried, however I never really liked them. I do like watching the workouts, there are many good ones that I'm subscribed to like: ToneItUpcomLean Secrets, and SarahFit TV. But trying to follow along never really worked out well for me. The first YouTube channel, the girls of Tone It Up, have a website and a community that I like going on. I like the workouts they make up, which you can print out or write down and do on your own.

I did find something else that I love doing.

I love doing workouts with the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for Apple iPhone/iPod. They have workouts for every level (beginner, advanced, etc) and goal (get lean, get strong, etc). I do the get lean program at a beginner level and there are several different workouts to choose from. For some you may need equipment like dumbbells or a medicine ball, but there are ones where no equipment is required (I do those). I love how they have picture examples with steps as well as video clips of every move.

I really love using the app because there is a voice telling me what to do, even tells you to keep going during in exercise, as well as the beeps between exercises within the workouts so you don't even need a stopwatch. They also have rewards after you've reached a certain number of minutes working out. The app also has bonus workouts from professional athletes.

Unfortunately, I don't believe this app is available on the Android market. But, if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad go ahead and check it out. It's free! When you check it out let me know what you think of it. I am always sweaty after their workouts, they mean business!

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