Going to see McQueen

Alexander McQueen was a British fashion designer who passed away February 11, 2010. His designs were so very creative and theatrical. For one of his shows he was inspired by Japanese culture as well as a Harry Potter movie. One of his shows consisted of a human chess game, like in Harry Potter, and the opponents were the east versus the west. Meaning eastern versus western (American) fashion culture. They were showing this show on a screen in the exhibit.

This photo above shows what one first sees when entering the exhibit. This is where it all starts. The white dress on the right is made of guess this, shells! This specific photo was obtained online and clicking on the image will take you to it's source. It was very crowded and my friend and I were both caught trying to take pics, lol. However, we snuck in a few towards the end.

Now, let me tell you about my trip:

Take 1 - I went with one of my best friends. It took us two days to see the exhibit. The first day we went was a Friday (3rd to last day of the exhibit). We got to the city sometime around 4pm and entered the Metropolitan Museum of Art at about 5pm. There was a line outside, which was only about a 30 minute wait. We go inside to pay and the teller told us that there was a 3-4hr wait and the exhibit closed at 9pm that day so we decided to leave. We had on flat sandals and our feet were already sore from the walking & standing to endure a 3-4hr wait.

Take 2 - This time around we came a bit more prepared. We went to the city again, this time a Saturday. This being one of the last two days of the exhibit the museum was keeping it open until midnight. So we got online about 3:45pm and we had an hour wait this time it was no joke. This time I had Coach sneakers on, which are kind of flat but better than sandals and my friend had oxfords on. The foot pain was only prolonged but wasn't bad as the day before. Once inside we waited for about 3hrs got into the exhibit a little after 7pm and got out at 7:45. -___- lol.

Even with all the wait and travelling, the exhibit was breathtaking! I can't even describe. I wrote down this quote of his that stuck out to me at the exhibit. I'll leave you all with that and a 2 minute narrated video of some pictures.

"There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys you've never dreamed were possible"

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