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So I started a phlebotomy class this morning. It will last for 4 weeks. Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood from a vein. Like when one has to take a blood test before volunteering or a job the people that take your blood can be a phlebotomist technician or perhaps a nurse. I'm studying to become the former.

Anyhoo, like right before bed i look at the classroom rules and such & realized that there is a Supply List on top! Luckily for me I had me, i had most of the items (nerdy much? lol). It was only about 7 items and i had 5 out of the list. I even had the white sneakers they asked for. Sort of. They're white 7's w/ some purple and grey on them lol. Well, they'll have to do for now.

Class started at 10 so i woke up early enough to go buy the 3 ring binder & notebook i needed. This morning i was wondering what it would be like taking notes again like my handwriting went down a tad bit lol. Like I noticed when i filled out forms last week and as recently as last night. That's what 3 months of summer will do to you.

Well, first day wasn't bad got out 1/2 an hour early & just learned basic terms & functions that were review for me after 4 yrs of college bio courses.

Oh, and I felt like a boss when i put on my uniform this morning, lol. They're light blue-colored scrubs =)

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