I got a Blog On Fire Award!

I was awarded this "Blog on Fire Award" by the lovely Jazmyn. Aww, I was so touched, thank you! You guys should definitely check out out her blog!

Now the rules are that I have to tag 10 other people. So here are some that I tend to make sure I check, some at least weekly if not daily. They are a mix of fashion, natural hair, and personal blogs. I've listed only 8 b/c several others haven't posted in months! However, one of those are named in the list below. Some of the blogs i think you should check out are:

Next, I have to share 7 random facts about myself. Here you go:
  1. Like Jazmyn, I LOVE purple! Be it notebooks, toothbrushes, wallet, bedspreads, nail polish remover, you get the idea. I kinda didn't like when purple became the IT color in fashion a few years ago and many people were like that's their new fave color-__- lol bt i did also like that purple was being appreciated by others and in fashion as there were like 0 purple clothes/items before that season. Anywhoo, lets continue...
  2. I love fashion (including designing). Granted i haven't designed anything in years. & i want to learn to sew.
  3. I want to be a doctor so badly. I pray to God it happens.
  4. I want to visit France & Egypt and a few other places that I mentioned here.
  5. I am shy..but I seem to be slowly outgrowing it.
  6. Shows on WE tv, like My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, and even some on HGTV, get me thinking about my future wedding and home. A couple years ago i even searched dresses for my future wedding party and copied, pasted, and saved the pics on a Word document (now gone after getting a new hardrive). All except my wedding dress, which I believe will be custom made (God willing).
  7. I would like to live in the city (perhaps along Lexington) (even if for a short time).
Now, to everyone that was tagged go ahead and list you're fave 10 blogs and share your 7 random facts. Thanks to all my readers and writers continue to blog =)

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