Don't Call it a Comeback!

On my mind:: catching up...

"It's been a while...I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting" (Break The Ice - Britney Spears)

Well at the end of the summer i got a Twitter! (@smileyy_facee). I tried it out b/c of friend even though i thought it was really dumb....well its so fun and reckless. (Facebook?! wuts that?) Lol, i still have Facebook though. Its good to keep in contact and keep track of school events amongst other things.

Also, at the end of the summer, I got in a "fight" w/ my so-called [now ex-] "bestie." By the end of the summer she was simply a friend, b/c ever since i got my car she pretty much used me for rides [i was not blind i knew this] {me being nice and can hardly say no to ppl =\ jus went along, for the most part} (i hate when ppl misuse my niceness to make it my weakness!)
Anyway...what had happened was [lol] she wanted to come to my house to give her a ride to her house. Me, i had jus got home from work and it was raining. I was tired and not in the mood to go out in the rain again -__-. So she decided to jus stop talking to me bt decided to talk shyt about me. There was even a point where she even wanted to fight me. Okay, i never fought anyone before its really not my style. However, i strongly believe i could've handled her eff her size.
So, long story short she stopped talking to me for like 1 & 1/2 mths. Bt then she stopped talking to my [later hers too, so-called] bestie. So this goes back and forth to now, where our other bestie is now involved. So its our 2 besties, me, and her. And its us three against her. So this whole thing is hilarious too me how its escalated cuz this girl needs to change her attitude. B/c for a fact its not us. At a point when she wasnt talking to either of us she started talking more than before to too other girls. And then when we all started talking to her again apparently she had stopped talking to those other 2 girls. Yet, now they talk. So she goes bak and forth like this to everybody SMH.
Is that healthy? Me and my other friends don't go through anything like that.

So, to end this off on a better note last semester my grades went up nicely! I got more involved last semester at skool as well. I actually went to Haitian Society meetings {i always signed up since freshman yr '07--gotta tell ya the 1st meeting was overwhelming all those Haitians in one room && all the Creole being spoken at my skool}.
Also, i have been more involved in Fashion Club {its fun i love it---** Fashion Show '10 is on April 22**}.
Over the winter, i got an internship at this hospital in the Bronx [i really need to finish up the required hrs i have left smh], and i am currently prepping for the MCAT w/ Kaplan.

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