Spring Week (2010)

On My Mind:: The coming week...

It's Spring Week!!! That means SJU's Fashion Show --Cirque De La Mode is on Thursday, April 22 and then Friday the Spring Carnival followed by the Spring Concert featuring Ryan Leslie and J. Cole. Oh, can't forget The Big EZ BBQ on Wednesday by Step Ya Game Up.

So that means that little 2 hr nap that i took when i got home doesn't mean anything seeing as I'm still up and there's this busy week before me.

So, in order for me not to feel guilty about "wasting time" at the aforementioned events, I am going to sleep so i can be as rested as i can to study Monday and Tuesday and then during all my free times Weds thru Fri. Already Saturday and Sunday I'm staying in.

I will try to blog about these upcoming events. As for now, later<3

Oh, and as for the fashion show you can stay updated by visiting SJU's Fashion Club's Blog.

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