On My Mind:: Introducing Lumidee, my camera

So my wonderful godmother/aunt gave me a really cool pro-looking camera last summer. I took a couple pics w/ it here and there but I never got a memory card so it could only hold 16 pics @ a time. But I have been using it a little more lately because I have been bored in my room. [Result of no job/internship yet].

But, I finally bought a 2gb memory card (it was on sale for only $10) just now. I really needed it because tomorrow I am going to see the wonderful miss Alicia Keys!!!! The concert it at 7AM so I am leaving at 6am, a little before. I am going with a couple of my homegirls so I was more encouraged to go.

I can't wait! I will definitely post pics...taken by Lumidee below. Btw, the I call my camera that because I thought it sounded like illuminate [light up] and I like the name, LOL,

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