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On My Mind:: Rihanna's style, specifically her tattoos

I was falling in love with Rihanna's developing style, and then I bought the August 2008 issue of InStyle magazine and she was on the cover. I think that's when I fell even more in love with her sense of style. So I've decided to compile a slide show of all her tattoos.

Here's a list of all her tattoos [I think I got all of them]::

1. a cute skull w/ a red bow on the back of her left foot
-in the pic she has some fabolous yet simple red suede Louboutins (I LOVE his shoes)
2. music notes on her right foot
3. a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip
4. "Freedom is God" in Arabic on her left ribcage
5. "Love" on her left middle finger
6. "Shhh..." on her right index finger
7. a little gun on her right ribcage
8. a tribal tattoo on her right wrist/hand
9. "XI-IV-LXXXVI" the birth date of her personal assistant (I thought it was of her bff; maybe same person)
10. "Never a failure, always a lesson" written backwards on her right shoulder
11. a cascade of stars going down her back
12. the pisces symbol behind her right ear
13. a star in her left ear


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