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So gonna try and type this up as fast as i can b/c beauty sleep doesn't work if i don't sleep. But a friend showed a pic on facebook where Alicia Keys was questioned to be pregnant. So like I love Alicia Keys, she is my favorite female artist and a very talented at that. I sort of looked to her you can say because she seemed like a very caring and good person along w/ her talent. She participates in many philanthropic activities and even [helped?] established the Keep A Child Alive charity.

Freshman year in college, I even wrote a tribute speech on her for my Speech class. I love her songs and her skills are simply undeniable. But her recent acts have really confused me. I don't know where I stand. She was dating a married man and now allegedly got engaged to him. The man she is dating, for you guys who do not know, is record producer Swizz Beatz. Who was recently married with children to singer, Mashonda.

Soon after his divorced was finalized, there has been a lot of speculation of Alicia Keys being pregnant. Below is a picture of her performing just last week and it appears that she may have a baby bump. I understand people making mistakes, but this has been a year long mistake with no end in sight. Correct me if I'm wrong but i don't think she even apologized or approached the public about the relationship. I understand having a private life but her actions are not good ones and if she wants to keep fans she should give us even a little of an explanation. Hear words come from her mouth about it.

Picture provided by: The YBF
At the moment, I don't see me not being a fan of hers. But then again I appreciate her a lot more for her music and works and don't pay much mind to her personal life. [I'm afraid that would be type stalkerish anyway lol].

Speaking of her music, I am liking maybe even loving her cover of Blondie's "Rapture." It's from the Sex & the City 2 soundtrack. I've been playing over and over since this afternoon and have been trying to find where I can download it. It's probably just too soon.

Well, I'll leave you all with the video. Please comment and let me know what you think about all this, Thanks! Good Night<3

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