On My Mind:: "they just want relation; they don't want relationship" - Lyfe Jennings

So why is it that most guys do not know what the word "date" is? Like it's not part of their vocabulary. Almost no guys want to take a girl on a date to get to know her, each other. They all seem to just want sex. Or at least sex first then maybe a relationship later.

Not speaking for every girl, but there are still girls out there that want more than just sex. That wants to get to know a guy first and wait. What's so wrong with wanting that?

Most guys hit a girl up once they get the number like, "so when are we chilling?" or "when am I gonna c u?" Implying someone coming over the other's house, (and I hate the whole "Can I get a pic?" Boy I don't even know you, or like why you just saw me; but let me digress). Why can't it be like, "So, when can I take you out?" or something.

It's not like its expensive to date, there are mad cheap/free dates to go on that are very sweet. Like going to the park, beach, pool, or concert (in the season of summer). So guys just try it, you might even enjoy yourselves, lol. =)

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