I see you!

Yes,  I'm still alive and well thank God. I haven't forgotten about this blog, in fact I'm always thinking of what can I write and that I need to update as the months went on. Wow, I think it's actually almost a year since my last published post! My apologies.

Hmm, what has happened?

  • Well, for the most part last year I have been studying for the MCATs as well the usual volunteer work 3x a week. April 2013 I attempted the MCAT and sadly did not do well. Since then I have been relaxing a bit. (See, there wasn't much to update up to April because I had not been doing much). 
  • My 24th birthday came in May, I celebrated with a little game night at my house it was fun! I've never hosted anything before, had a small space to work with but it all worked out. Had an awesome time with awesome friends. (My Instagram has a couple pics if you're interested).
  • Not so much my update, but in June my youngest brother (I have 2) graduated from high school and is now in college! Proud of him!
  • Another not so much my update, but in August my parents celebrated 25 years of marriage! I thank God for the strength, patience, and love it takes for that and that He gives them many more wonderful years. I only pray God gives me someone wonderful and blesses me with a long and loving marriage. 
  • As of last week, (although forever a Windows chick) I am now a Mac girl (no, not a makeup artist ;). I am still getting used to this, but I'm a quick learner. (If anyone would like to let me know the Mac version of 'Home' and 'End' keys, I would greatly appreciate it. I've simply been dragging the cursor to the beginning or end of a sentence).
  • Tomorrow is the first day of grad classes for me! I am pursuing a Master's in Public Health! I had wanted to purse an MD/MPH degree, but for now I'll work on the MPH. No use holding it off for any longer. I am only getting older!
Today is Labor Day, my family is hosting a little something and I think I hear our first guests arriving! Hope the weather clears up and that the sun comes out!

How's everything all with you guys?

Until next time =) (I promise my next post will not be a year from now!)

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