Meaning of Life

On My Mind:: The meaning of life is in t.v. and music

You know when you hear a song and you watch t.v. and they are about stuff that happen in life, well unless you've experienced what is being sung or acted out it's purely entertainment.

I pretty much knew this but like I've recently just notice it. Like I am in love with music, and I have several favorite t.v. shows, but I used to just watch and listen for entertainment and pleasure. Yes, I understood the situations going on, but until I went through something it seems like every show I watch I can definitely relate to.

The idea that the meaning of life is in t.v. and music makes sense. People create the art and media that is out there, and it is out there because they have been/are going through life and so they portray it through music and image. There then becomes a great respond to those works because of us. The youth of the world that are about to /are going through the things that we see and hear. This helps us know that we aren't the only ones that are going through a certain situation. So I guess you can say misery loves company. But also, when we are happy we can feel as if everyone around us is happy through the happily ever afters in t.v. shows /movies.

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