Act Like A Dude

Ok been tryin to get back on this for a while but never really had anything to talk about, but life has been crazy lately...smh

On My Mind:: Actin like a dude

What does that mean exactly? Well mostly as females, at least me, when talkin to a guy you tend to just keep to that one guy whether it's going anywhere or not. Dudes on the other hand talk or "flirt" with more than one girl at a time.

Idk for me it's weird like to talk to more than one dude at a time you know callin them "boo's" not actual "boyfriend." It seems sort of dishonest, but guys do it and I know some girls do it too. My friend called it "testing the waters" lol if one dude doesn't work out you have someone else. Lol.

Hmm...to me it seems like too much work [yea I can be type lazy smh lol]. I mean havin one dude gives you problems now add a couple more dudes and that's just too much drama...smh. Like you got to keep names in check, making sure you don't send someone a wrong text, etc... .

The attention can be fun sometimes lol. But it's whatever I really don't think it's for me though. It's entertaining to watch other friends, like it's still work for me like tryna remember who's who. I be like "Where'd you meet him again?" or "Whatever happened to what's-his-name?" lol.

Well people, friends, we're young so it's co0l to just have fun sumtimes but be careful to not get hurt in the end.

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