''Volunteers are paid in Six Figures: S M I L E S''

As of this coming week I will be volunteering at 3 different places on 3 different days, Mondays to Wednesdays. I also do this health ambassador thing that you could read a little bit about in a previous post here. I enjoy them for the most part, keeps me busy. However, it can cost money to volunteer. Like on Tuesdays I go to Brooklyn so money is needed for buses & trains & food (it's a long day). So I've been active on the job search lately. I just finished my phlebotomy course (previous post) and took the licensing exam this past Monday. It was a piece of cake same questions that were on the practice test I had studied. So as I am waiting on my results been looking up phlebotomy positions and have found several. However, they want at least 2 years of experience. So I figured rather than waste an online application I'll make my way to the locations with my resume and my license once I receive it. *fingers crossed*

How's the real world treating my fellow college grads?

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