Let's Play Catch Up!

Okay, so i've been away for like forever! It's been a hectic time, mostly here but Tumblr a little, suffered as well. So here's what's been going on:

1) Relay for Life (Apr. 8) was cool/fun despite the wack DJ from the time i was there. Free food, music, friends - it's basically a 12hr party, all the while raising money for cancer research. I also met w/ some friends outside of school where we went to Applebee's to eat nd then proceeded to get reallyyy twisted it was a fun night. One of the best of my life.

2) Two weeks after that was Spring Week, & the events i participated in were The Element fashion show of course that i helped run as an e-board member of the Fashion Club, Spring Fling, which is the carnival on the Great Lawn - again free food, games, fun, and friends, of course some Dippin' Dots, and the Black Music Fest concert, which consisted of Chrisette Michelle, Wayne Wonder, Roscoe Dash, & Wale.

3) MY BIRTHDAY. I turned 22. That day consisted of one class from 9-1020, back home napping nd relaxing, catching up on 90210 & Gossip Girl online from night before, going back to school to get my ropes at the Spanish Honor Society induction - yet again free food/cake (Spanish at that yum!) and friends equals another good time, then me & my best (her bday was the next day) nd her cute baby bro went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Okay that was just the day of my bday. that weekend, the following Sunday, went to Nassau Coliseum w/ the best again for the Usher & Akon concert! can't listen to Usher song the same again lol & we also discovered that Akon can play mambo drums nd the way he dances lol my best felt he must be the bomb in bed lol. I'll c if i have a video to show yall.


5) Senior Week! Went to the Senior Spirit Cruise, which was a nice way to end my four years. Freshman year started with a cruise at orientation so what better way to end it then with another cruise on the same boat. Spent two days looking for a dress ended up jus wearing my 21st bday dress in the end. It was fun dressed up, go on the bus from school w/ friends, had a good DJ - DJ Sparkx, it was a good time. Two days later went to the Family Graduate Dinner, which was the night before graduation. It was good time w/ my fam.

6) Graduation! Graduated Sunday morning on May 15th. I now hold a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Spanish.

7) I crashed when i got home didn't even go out that Sunday. So I went out today (Friday, May 20th) to Red Lobster's with four of my closest friends. I grew up with these girls and who better to celebrate my graduation then with the people I loved my whole life.

Okay getting too sentimental lol here are some pics, enjoy!:

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