Becoming a health ambassador

So yesterday on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I woke up around 6:30AM to go to the Bronx. I went for a Community Health Ambassador Program (CHAP) orientation by Mentoring in Medicine (MIM). It ran from 8:30AM to about 2:00PM.

The program was held at Montefiore Medical Center. The host/MC of the whole thing kept me awake for the ENTIRE day, I didn't feel like knocking out at all! It was all very entertaining and interactive. The purpose of being a health ambassador is to educate the community about health issues especially regarding obesity and heart disease. There are several meets/events throughout the year as well as a community service quota to meet.

At the orientation there were many health professionals as well as current medical, college, post-bacc, and even a few high school students. The testimonials that I heard were very inspiring. It was like refresher so that I can focus and achieve of being a health professional myself one day.

If anyone is interested in the program or just finding out more about the organization for any other events that they have, you can check out http://medicalmentor.ning.com/.

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