Going natural, a movement?

So, I've always been natural. Meaning I've never permed or chemically straightened my hair. First time i even pressed my hair was in the 10th grade! It was for my aunt's wedding. Before that though, in middle school, i would get the iron, you know the one you iron clothes with and use it on my hair. Lol, yea i know.

But since last year, end of summer/fall '09, I've been wanting to grow my hair out. Don't get me wrong I love my hair short, idk y I just like it framing my face and if it grew and was touching my neck it felt weird b/c i wasn't used to it, lol. The reason I want to grow my hair out is 1) i want a nice, legit ponytail and 2) that way when my hair isn't straighten I can have more options in styling it in its natural state. So, I think I got my last professional trim in fall '09, I tend to cut my hair every year before school starts. I trim my hair on my own after i wash it I put it in twists and just cut the ends. I do it both for any split ends there may be as well as getting rid of straight ends.

So, with this whole going natural movement, which is girls who chemically process their hair deciding to stop and grow it out in its natural state, I've been seeing a wealth of natural hair info be they blogs or videos. As being natural myself it just brought on confusion because I've never thought that much about my hair and the information is overwhelming. I am not into mixing my own products, I am very lazy and just take note of any products that can be cheaply and easily store-bought.

Currently, my hair is in kinky twists, which I love! One of my close friends did them for me =) They're going on to their 3rd week tomorrow, so I'm going to try to wash my hair. I've been putting castor oil on my scalp for a little more than a week now hoping it will help make my hair a little thicker. I hate how flat it is when I straighten my hair. My goal is to not straighten my hair until my graduation, which is May 15th! So, I'm wondering what to do next after these twists, maybe them again cuz i really like them, bt idk, lol.

Is 'natural hair movement' a good term? I think it fits, because all of these women going natural seem to be surfacing at a great pace and amount.

Anyone on a natural hair journey?

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