January 20, 2011

That date marks the date of my last semester as an undergraduate at St. John's University. I'm going to need to get some more SJU gear before I leave as well as some alumni status gear, lol.

The first day wasn't bad. Had three classes back to back starting at 9am and I made it on time to all of them. My metaphysics philosophy teacher seems a bit woo O_0 like he looks like he has a ton of information in his head that he's trying to organize. That happens when you try to make sense the existence of God through philosophical methods. That kind of thinking requires a brain power beyond those of mere humans.
My theology class was next. It's History of the Church. Doesn't seem bad sort of, it seems interesting because I loved world history in high school and it's interesting learning about religions across the world. I am a Christian myself.
Lastly, I had my Spanish class. It's Golden Age of Spanish Lit. This class..ehh a lot of speaking in Spanish that I can't understand or requires a lot of concentration. I tend to drift off when people are speaking in another language. So, we'll see how that goes.

Friday I had only one class, Developmental Bio at 9am. However, it was snowing so I had an unofficial snow day. The snow cleared & the sun came out at 9, smh.

So, we'll see how my first full week goes. Hope all goes well! Aiming and getting straight A's!

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