The Sweetest Girl

So I'll really try to keep this up but I've been thinking about doin this blogging thing since I've been having a couple of thoughts on my mind lately...

On my mind:: No longer being a teenager

In 4 days I will be 20 yrs old!...When i turned 19 it was w/e cuz it wasn't 18 and it wasn't 21 either. But turning 20 just seems weird. i will not be a teenager any longer wut will that all mean?

It feels to me that i won't be able to...
- talk the same
- act the same
- wear the same clothes [shopping!!! :) lol]
- BE the same! about that....

Who am I?

That's a real good question. At times I feel I know who I am and other times I'm wondering. I used to be the sweetest girl. College loves the sweet girls. It pulls you in by showing you the freedom that is yours to have. But when you want to do good it shows you what's bad and that option always looks better. It get even harder when you have friends that share the same good moral principles end up choosing the better looking option.

Slowly but surely I am breaking away from being that shy, quiet, waaayy tooo nice girl. I am not a mean person i know that much. But being too nice isn't all good. It's like people want to test me and see how far I'm gonna put up with them. I really don't understand why everyone just can't BE nice not play nice. I know that's not possible though. I am not naive, before I came to college I used to think I wasn't naive but I was, a little bit at least.

I've opened my eyes and try to see people for who they are and not who they say they are [I tend to try to see the best in people, which makes me a bit gullible]. As I get older [thanks be to God] I get wiser. Wiser meaning I am seeing the world for how cruel and mean people can be. I am not being cynical because even though I'm getting older, there is this little girl inside of me that wants to change the world, that when she prays [which could be more often] she still prays for world peace.

I'm all for bettering myself, but for the most part I hope to stay As I Am...the Sweetest Girl<3

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