Going back in time?

Yup, through tv anyway lol. Every weeknight starting last week to I believe the end of the summer (I could be wrong) Nickolodeon has been showing their tv shows from the 90s. They air four shows from 12am to 2am and they repeat again to 4am (Eastern time). The shows air on the Teen Nick channel. Let me tell you I have been goin to sleep so late and waking up early this past week, smh no good.

Growing up I didn't have cable and only on some rare occasion such as at a friend's house could i watch cable. My best friend from elementary school once made me a tape of shows including Hey Arnold and the Amanda Show (my fave! lol). So i'm glad that i get a chance to see what I have missed growing up. It would have been nice being able to compare watching them then and to watching them now, now that I'm older and see the different point of views.

Either way, I loved the 90's growing up and am glad these shows are back! What are your thoughts on any of the Nick shows notice anything from watching them then to watching them now? I would love to read them!

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